Built in the thirteenth century, Vigna Nocelli is a stunning venue with a charm all of its own, the ideal place for you to celebrate your dream wedding in sumptuous style. The elegant rooms and romantic surroundings create a fairytale setting which will be sure to leave your guests utterly enchanted. Let our highly trained wedding personnel help you make your dream reception a reality, a unique occasion in which every last detail exudes an air of classy sophistication.

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Enjoy a magnificent and unique wedding, a magical occasion when heartfelt emotions and the harmonious ring of your guests good wishes combine to create fairytale moments.


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Vigna Nocelli offers the bride and groom a splendid setting for weddings. The stunning outdoor swimming pools are the perfect spot to capture those beautiful memories forever, and to enjoy the wedding buffet in picturesque surroundings. A unique location that will make cutting the cake an even more delightful event and ensure that the memory of this culminating moment of your celebration will be everlasting.

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The cake takes centre stage on the wedding day, reflecting your personal tastes. Choose your favourite style: a majestic cake with several tiers, or a more delicate, fruit bedecked option; or why not try something more edgy? Cupcakes or a cake personalised with delightful decorations. The experts at Vigna Nocelli will help you to choose a wedding cake which best suits the style of your wedding – an elegant, delicious cake that is sure to wow your guests.


An impeccably stylish wedding banquet with elegant touches that your guests will never forget, thanks to the spectacular settings in which it is served. The sophisticated Sala delle Dogane, with its eighteenth century furnishings, features a stunning Murano glass chandelier that dominates the room, as well as a beautiful nineteenth century royal carriage. The Svevi and Saraceni suites will delight you with the attention to detail and the tasteful furnishings.

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Vigna Nocelli is a magnificent thirteenth century building that lies on the ancient Appia Traiana road, a strategic spot linking the important centres of Aecae and Sipontum during the Roman age. In the twelfth century it was an obligatory stopping place for pilgrims on their way to or from the Holy Land. The hotel is situated just outside Lucera, in the peaceful area of Tavoliere delle Puglie, and is easily accessed from Foggia, as well as being very close to the stunning beaches of the Gargano.

The delightful interiors and exterior spaces of this exclusive and prestigious location will astound you with the elegance and luxuriousness of the rooms, the lush green gardens and the stunning pools.


Every wedding hosted at Vigna Nocelli conveys an ethereal magic that creates lasting memories. This is because everything, from the white tablecloths to the subtle decorations weaving through the rooms, is transformed and decorated with a unique style that blends effortlessly with your personal tastes, filling the atmosphere with a fragrance that calls to mind the story of your love.

Vigna Nocelli offers you free of charge the assistance of our wedding planners: Director , now the third generation of wedding organisers at Vigna Nocelli, Assistant Director who will assist you in choosing the decorations, the table linen, the flower arrangements and the table plan, and the Wedding Coordinator who will oversee every stage of the ceremony with the greatest care.

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Vigna Nocelli offers its newlyweds exclusive and personalized promotions, to allow each pair to make the ideal wedding in a magical location.