The silvery nuances of the elegant decorations are reflected onto the antique furniture and the glass windows that gradually filter the natural light flooding into the rooms from the splendid garden. Here, the mise en place is impeccable: every last detail is arranged with the comfort of the guests at the forefront of our minds and the pleasure of a day that passes slowly among cascades of intense sensations. Each and every event held at Vigna Nocelli is an exclusive occasion: the attention to detail and the care with which every aspect of the ceremony is considered, ensure that every occasion, be it a christening, Holy Communion or anniversary that you choose to celebrate in this splendid location, is truly special.


Our wedding planners will help you to plan every minute of your event and advise you on the best solutions to ensure that your dreams become a stylish reality. Every aspect of your ceremony will be carefully handled and your requirements satisfied with the professional approach for which Vigna Nocelli is well known.
Tell us what you would like, and the expert staff here at Vigna Nocelli will make sure that they can meet any requirements precisely and with a touch of personality – as the protagonists of the occasion, even you will be surprised!


Every event is a treasure chest concealing a myriad of emotions: joy, the stress of organising, the hope that everything turns out perfectly. The wedding planners at Vigna Nocelli are well aware of this and will be with you every step of the way, helping you in your choices based on their experience and a dedication that will ensure that every aspect of your reception is completely unique.

wedding location

The passion and professionalism of the expert personnel at Vigna Nocelli will draw you into a universe of charm and elegance in which every detail becomes the essence of the event.

Thanks to the experience of the Director Domenico Scirano, organising the festivities will become an exclusive journey to discover your personal style, so that it can be reflected in the theme of your ceremony.


Large spaces for dancing, fairytale settings where you can breathe in nature, accompanied by the melodious sounds of a string quartet: every corner of Vigna Nocelli is designed for entertaining guests, even the kiddies.

A complete service

On the day of your ceremony, every detail must be afforded the utmost attention. Vigna Nocelli offers you peace of mind by providing classic cars, baby-sitting, dog-sitting, artistic-musical direction, as well as many other additional services.

Guest accommodation

With beautiful bedrooms in the Gran Hotel Vigna Nocelli, Vigna Nocelli is the ideal location for accommodating friends and relations that have come from afar to attend your ceremony, without the stress of a long journey.


Every reception is unique


The transparencies and subtle colour effects sweeping through the rooms at Vigna Nocelli bathe them with an ethereal and impalpable sense that every guest of honour interprets in their own way.

The warm welcome and innovative approach that characterise the wedding planning experts at Vigna Nocelli are reflected in the tasteful and elegant choices that romantically adorn every moment of the ceremony, transforming it into a delightful, enduring image.
Take advantage of our many offers and enjoy the wedding of your dreams in a fairytale setting



Vigna Nocelli offers its newlyweds exclusive and personalized promotions, to allow each pair to make the ideal wedding in a magical location.